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New Raman imaging brochure

New Raman imaging brochure available for download now!

7 November 2011

inVia Raman microscope imaging capabilities: from points to areas

Imaging brochure front pageYou can make manual measurements of points on your sample, but the true power of Renishaw's inVia Raman microscope and its Windows‑based Raman Environment (WiRE™) software is revealed when you use its mapping and imaging capabilities.

Rather than just viewing discrete spectra, you can create information-rich maps and images that fully illustrate your most complex samples.

You may have a wide range of sample types, sample sizes, and resolution requirements, but inVia can handle them all. With not just one technology but three—point mapping, StreamLine™ Plus, and True Raman Imaging™—you know you can get the job done.

inVia Raman imaging for all applications: download your copy of our new brochure now!

Brochure download