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RenAM 500 Ultra

The RenAM 500 Ultra offers the ultimate in AM capability at a highly competitive price point.

Introducing the RenAM 500 Ultra

The RenAM 500 Ultra series is the latest range in Renishaw's RenAM 500 series of laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) systems. It offers the ultimate in metal additive manufacturing (AM) capability, utilising our patented TEMPUS™ technology to significantly enhance the class-leading productivity of the RenAM 500 series by up to 100%*, all while upholding the same high part quality.

Also included as standard fitment in the RenAM 500 Ultra is an advanced process monitoring software package, which allows users to optimise productivity even further.

*Dependent on part geometry.

TEMPUS™ technology: jumping forward in AM productivity

  • RenAM 500 Ultra systems come equipped with TEMPUS technology — a new innovation from Renishaw that delivers a substantial increase in AM productivity without compromising on part quality.
  • This technology synchronises the system lasers with the powder recoater, removing up to nine seconds of build time from every layer. With builds frequently containing thousands of layers, this can reduce total build times by tens of hours.
  • When optimised with Renishaw's QuantAM build preparation software, all geometries can see a productivity benefit – up to twice as fast in some cases.
  • TEMPUS technology is exclusively available on the RenAM 500 series from Renishaw.
  • To find out more, visit: www.renishaw.com/tempustechnology

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