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Watch our new RESOLUTE™ Ultra-High-Vacuum (UHV) encoder video!

10th September 2012

The first true-absolute optical encoder that is ultra-high vacuum compatible, RESOLUTE UHV, offers 1 nm resolutions for linear and rotary applications and sub-micron accuracy.


RESOLUTE UHV is the world's first true-absolute optical encoder that is constructed from clean vacuum-compatible materials and adhesives, which give low outgassing rates. RESOLUTE UHV is suitable for high-performance semiconductor and scientific applications requiring vacuum compatibility to 10-10Torr.

This encoder provides higher accuracy, smoother motion control, stiffer servo loops and speeds up to 100 m/s! Big gains in machine throughput and safety can be achieved.

RESOLUTE UHV is available with a range of serial protocols, such as BiSS C®, FANUC, Mitsubishi and Panasonic, making it compatible with industry-standard controllers.

RESOLUTE UHV is RoHS compliant.

This video explains the benefits of the RESOLUTE UHV encoder to ultra-high vacuum applications



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