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Service, repair and recalibration

Renishaw offers a range of repair and recalibration services to ensure performance and compliance with your quality assurance and business requirements.

All repairs and recalibrations are carried out by skilled technicians at our service centres across the world.

Why recalibrate?

Your Renishaw measurement system is a precision instrument. Even with perfect care of the system, wear of mechanical components and drift in electrical components can effect the accuracy of measurement and potentially result in values outside of required accuracy.

Renishaw recommends, in line with most quality assurance system requirements, that the Renishaw system components are periodically recalibrated, to give confidence that the system is capable of delivering a specified accuracy of measurement.

All Renishaw calibrations also ensure traceability of results back to national or international standards. This is a requirement for many customers' quality assurance systems.

Compared to the investment in the measurement system, the staff and the procedures that it is operated with, recalibration is a modest additional cost and could prevent far more expensive and more serious problems arising later.

Calibration certificate examples

Recalibration periods and service centres

All Renishaw lasers and ballbars returned for recalibration or repair (where recalibration is carried out after the repair), are recalibrated using the same equipment and procedures as used for the original factory calibrations. Environmental compensators and sensors are calibrated via a direct measurement comparison to a reference system at a single ambient temperature and pressure.

Renishaw's recommended recalibration periods are based on "typical" use of the system under normal service conditions.

Period2 years3 years1 year3 years1 year2 years
Service centreUK†UK†, USA†, Germany†, Japan†, Shanghai PRC‡UK†, USA†, Germany†, Japan†, Shanghai PRC‡UK†, USA†UK†, USA†, Germany†, Japan† (QC20-W), Brazil, Russia, Shanghai PRC‡UK

† NPL traceability
‡ NIM traceability

In response to local market demand, Renishaw's USA facility is A2LA accredited to ISO17025. This facility and service is currently only available to USA customers.

Service and repairs

To minimise disruption to your operations we will always try where possible to resolve any issues by phone or email first, before deciding that the unit needs returning to Renishaw.

Accidents happen and systems do wear in use. Whatever the reason you will want to know that Renishaw offers a full range of service and repair options. In addition to standard repairs, 'Repair by Exchange' (RBE) units are available for several items as a cost effective repair option.

Before returning any units for repair or replacement, please contact us:

Contact support

Find your nearest regional office

Returning a product to Renishaw

Please contact your local office to confirm the correct shipping address for your region. In addition, we ask that:

  • Products are packaged safely and securely to prevent possible damage in transport, using the original Renishaw packaging, if available.
  • Where applicable, inclusion of signed de-contamination forms.
  • All batteries are removed.

An advice slip is included, detailing:

  • The return address and a contact email / telephone number
  • The reason for the return, and
  • Any relevant correspondence that you may already had with Renishaw

If an RMA has been supplied, the number is written on the box and/or on the paperwork.

Upgrading your system

Renishaw offers existing users a range of options to provide the best solution to upgrade to the latest system. With all the benefits that the QC20 ballbar delivers to benchmark and track the condition of their machines, we think users will want to upgrade.

Our XL-80 laser interferometer system provides significant performance and operational benefits and is compatible with our ML10 optics. Whilst the XR20 rotary axis calibrator adds greater flexibility, simpler set-up and operation.